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 Board Rules

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PostSubject: Board Rules   Thu Aug 20, 2009 2:28 pm

These are the forum rules, so please read carefully and abide by them.

1. Behave! No harassing other members, calling them names or threatening them. This is a forum for all Missy fans to enjoy, so make sure everyone will feel welcome

2. No spamming. This includes inappropriate and/or illegal content, flooding of the forum and promoting your own site. There are three manners in which you are allowed to promote your site: 1) By applying to become a site affiliate, 2) By including a link/image in your signature, and 3) By posting a topic about your site in the appropriate forum in the Random Discussion section.

Posting rules:
1. When posting a new topic make sure a topic like it doesn't already exist. Also make sure your topic title is clear, so other users will know what your topic is about. Finally, make sure you are posting it in the correct section of the forum.
2. Try to avoid posting in a topic when you were the last person to do so. Instead, edit your previous post. Exception to this rule is when the last post dates about a day or more back.
3. Try to stay on topic.
4. Avoid msn/texting language (u no, lyk diz n diz 2). It makes the posts hard to read for others. Therefore, try to write proper English. A few often used abbreviatons are allowed, such as omg (oh my god), tbh (to be honest) and imo (in my opinion), but try to keep this use to a minimum.
5. When adding an image to your post, try to add a thumbnail instead, when the target image is fairly large (exceeds about 500x400). Also upload the image to a personal image host instead of hotlinking when possible.

Signature/Avatar rules:
1. Your avatar must not exceed 120x120. Like everything else, it must not contain inappropriate or offensive content. There are a number of premade avatars available in the gallery (profile->avatar->show gallery) or you can create your own and input the link to your image in your profile.
2. Your signature can contain one or several images with a total dimension of 450x200. Your signature may also contain text (as long as it is not inappropriate or offensive) and a link to your own site.

A final rule, which should be abided by at all times: Have fun! This is a place for fans to have a good time discussing Missy and getting to know other fans. So make sure you enjoy this forum and behave so others will enjoy it with you.

These are the rules for now. Should it prove necessary, they will be updated. If you have any questions about them, please send me a PM.

Your Admin,
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Board Rules
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